Let's Build Small Businesses.




We serve entrepreneurs because we believe the world is a better place with strong local businesses. Our purpose is to empower you, our valued small business owners, with the knowledge, skills and support your need for success. 

Together, we are a force to be reckoned with. Recognizing the importance of community, we have created The Limitless Entrepreneur to unite small businesses with a common goal: to foster professional & personal growth, and with it, the health of the global economy.


These values drive our every decision and help us stay on the right course:

Thirst for Knowledge

A limitless mind requires lifelong learning. We are inquisitive and we always step up to the learning curve.


Our moral compass ensures we make the right choices every step of the way.


We do not falter when faced with obstacles and challenges. In fact, we gladly greet them, eager to turn them into our advantage!


Small businesses are by no means small in spirit. Entrepreneurs need a community to flourish and prosper.


Everything we do has consequences, and we always hold ourselves responsible.

Dave Luehr

The business Goliaths of the world are no match for this particular David. For over 3 decades, his presence in the small business ecosystem has made a tremendous difference for everyone he has ever worked with. 

Dave started his journey within the collision industry, establishing himself as the leading business coach in the US and abroad alike. In the last 10 years, Dave has expanded his reach to help other small businesses do the same – improve their knowledge and skills through dedicated coaching, empower themselves, and unleash their true, limitless potential. In the process, he has also become an author, eager to share all his expertise and knowledge with the world. 

His coaching programs are both inspirational and value-driven. Every piece of advice he shares is based on those 30 years of experience helping small businesses not just persevere but thrive when corporations show up to steal a slice of their market. 

As a keynote speaker, Dave has given presentations all over the world, both in person and via online platforms like Zoom. He has built a spectacular rapport with his audience in Canada and England, while both his virtual and in-person presentations in Australia have helped him build lasting relationships with small business owners in those communities.

He doesn’t shy away from speaking and coaching in Europe and beyond, so he has visited Italy, and he organized a Zoom presentation for his dedicated audience in Turkey in 2020. No matter the circumstances, Dave always finds a way to connect with small business owners, visit local events in person, or set up digital events to help communities across the globe thrive.

Every time Dave teaches and coaches, he learns something new. He recognizes that every local business owner is a treasure trove of wisdom and experience – and he collects it all to help others learn from it, further empowering the small business community to step outside the shadow of the big guys.


What makes The Limitless E so unique?

First-Hand Experience

Dave and the entire Limitless E team knows what it means to run a small business, they’ve done it themselves, and they keep learning through doing.

Tailor-Made Coaching

No cookie-cutter lessons. All small businesses share certain issues, but we recognize your uniqueness and address your specific needs through dedicated coaching.

Actionable, Relevant Guidance

The goal is to help small, local business owners improve their capabilities in running their companies every day. Inspiration is great, but it will only get you so far. That is why we empower, inspire, and support you with concrete, measurable steps you can take to succeed.

A Limitless Community

Peer groups, leadership coaching, business management guidance, and all other aspects of our work are, by nature, limitless. The work of an entrepreneur is never done, so we cultivate continuous learning so that you and your business can evolve with the ever-changing times and trends.

Proactive, Not Reactive

We anticipate changes and research to understand the small business ecosystem as it advances. In building the mindset, habits, and strategies for success, you can prepare yourself for market shifts instead of merely reacting to them.